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Ep 51: The Fenty Effect: Rihanna’s influence on diversity and inclusion

May 15, 2019

When Bad Gal RiRi made the decision to start her foundation line @Fenty, the makeup industry was not ready for the discrimination awakening they were about to receive. Women like Krystal (@acondria), an albino woman that found her perfect match in one of the 40 shades the brand has to offer, were realizing how left out they were in the world of make up. Diversity and inclusion is often not addressed until it effect profits. But, thanks to people like Rihanna with influence, capital and humility, the world of marketing, fashion and entertainment is being challenged to step up or get stepped on. We talk about cultural mistake @Fenty made and how they over came it as well as the rise of Asian culture in main stream through shows like 13 Reasons Why, @Neflix To All The Boys I Ever Loved and Fresh Off the Boat. 

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The Fenty Beauty Effect: How Rihanna Started a Major Spring Makeup Trend  by:@spanych (Sophia Panych)