Your Neighbor’s Hood Podcast

Ep: 44 Once Catholic Now Muslim

March 26, 2019

A week after the Christchurch mosque massacres, people across New Zealand observed the Muslim call to prayer. Their Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, told the crowd 'We are one.' This a message that resonates with Amy, who after traveling the globe years ago, made the decision to become a Muslim (10:30). In our chat with Amy, she shares her personal decision to wear hijab (15:44) and the discrimination she faces (19:48). Her story reminds us that there is diversity in every culture and especially in Muslim culture (21:38). Amy acknowledges that Muslim and Christians share many of the same beliefs (14:05) and how representation in everything from politics to the Olympics matter (28:54). She like many Muslims want you to ask a Muslim when you're curious (25:51), but before you ask there is one thing she wants you to know (33:02).





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