Your Neighbor’s Hood Podcast

Ep 52: After the View w/ Grama: Uhmm, yeah and stuff

May 29, 2019

PSA: I never call my Grama (pronounced Grah-ma)until after The View (CST).  When I do make time to chop it up with her, it is always about current events and the happenings of the world. She has walked this earth for 84 years (that never cease to amaze me). Her paradigm on where we are culturally and racial is very different from mine even though, as I've learned, we face many of the same challenges. In this episode, you will get to listen to one of my phone calls with my Grama aka Gramama (pronounced Grah-ma-muh). She will talk to us about growing up in Arkansas, Memphis and Chicago, school, government and life as a brown chile.